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  • White board magnet
  • White board magnet
  • White board magnet
  • White board magnet
  • White board magnet
  • White board magnet
  • White board magnet
  • White board magnet

White board magnet


  •  White board magnet is made from Rubber Magnetic Sheet or Soft Iron Sheet laminated with high gloss dry erasable white film.
  •  You can use marker pen to write on the surface and erase it by tissue or cloth very easily.
  •  And the surface can be wrote and erased for many times without any damage.
  •  This product is available in two versions:  Magnet base version and Iron base version.
  •  Magnet base version can be applied to any ironl surfaces directly. It is available in rolls or sheets. 
  •  Iron base version is soft Iron sheet laminated with self adhesive on one side, and dry wipe film on the other side. It can apply on any smooth surface after peeling the releasing paper off. Meanwhile, we can apply any magnetic parts onto the surface as decoration.


  •  Material is available in Isotropic, Semi-anisotropic and Anisotropic grade.
  •  Material is available in cut sheets and rolls.
  •  We can die cut the material to any shapes or sizes according to your requirement.
  •  We make magnetization during the production upon customers’ request.
  •  Standard width is 60/62/100cm, total thickness is 0.4mm~1.0mm.length could be 10/15/20/30M.
  •  We supply this products mainly as rolls, sheets or strips.
  •  Customized dimensions are also available upon request.

Features & Application:

  •  Magnetic white board, warehouse label, location mark, education magnet, toy etc...
  •  For the Iron base version with self adhesive, the way of using is below for your reference.
  •  Peel the liner paper off the adhesive on one edge.
  •  Stick it to the wall; make sure the magnetic white board will be applied to the wall.
  •  Continue to peel the liner paper off and move your hand with soft towel over the surface to .
  •  Make sure there is no air bubbles on the surface. 
  •  Write on the surface or decorate the surface by magnetic parts.
White board magnet