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  • Magnetic memo pad
  • Magnetic memo pad

Magnetic memo pad


  •  Magnetic memo pad,flexible white board 
  •  Dry wipe magnet,educational magnet
  •  Warehouse location magnet
  •  Write magnet  
  •  Dry wipe white board magnetic sheet
  •  Magnetic sheet+matte vinyl+erasable film  
  •  Sample can be free sent ,you have to pay for the freight  


  •   Erasable film laminated flexible magnetic sheet can be either isotropic or anisotropic. They are light in special weight, soft, elastic, stable, easy to be processed, energy-saving etc.
  •  The application field ranges from electronic & electric industry, daily necessary industry, motor stators and rotators, family education, printing and decoration etc. The size, shape and magnetization pattern can be manufactured according to user's need.EN 71 part 3, RoHS and REACH standards are passed.
  •  Flexibility : can be wrapped around a rod with a 12mm radius at 20°C without cracking. 
  •  Specific Gravity : 3.5 to 3.8 g/cm3. 
  •  Cutting : Scissor cutting, knife-cutting, die-cutting, and slitting can be donewith ease.
  •  End-use temperature range : -30°C / + 55°C.
  •  Short term resistance : 65°C. 
  •  With uncoated PVC laminated already, our Manetic Sheet is suitable for Direct Digital Solvent, Eco-solvent ,UV ink printing, Silk Screen printing, Hot Foil Stamping and Pad printing. 
  •  PVC available in both matte and gloss with pleasant appearance and no waviness.

Features & Application:

  •  Features: easy to cut,easy to install ,flexible and permanent magnetism,with custom words on screen printed on the back side.
  •  Crafts, toys, games, magnetic signs, displays, production control (or visual aid) systems.
  •  Warehouse shelf labeling, door gaskets, door and cabinet closures, small tool and instrument holders, movable markers, advertising premiums, magnetic business cards, architectural planning layouts, etc.
Magnetic memo pad

Home use: For keep your stuff in the right place such as remote controller, tools kit, decorating etc.

Office use: Applying as a document label, or stick it at memo note, calendar etc.

Industry use: Applying as a stock label or stick at bulletin board.

Educational use: Applying for instruction equipment or as a material for invention. Magnet Strip has many size.